Breakups to high asset divorce — politics impact relationships

Politics is often considered one of the most contentious topics that individuals can discuss. Most people have their own views of certain issues, and if those views do not align with the opinions of other people, disagreements can easily escalate. When couples find themselves in such tense situations, they could end up breaking up or even going through a high asset divorce.

Kentucky residents may be interested in a recent study revolving around the effects of politics on relationships. Both married and unmarried couples indicated that this particular topic can have significant impacts on their relationships, even causing them to end entirely. These disagreements even led 22 percent of surveyed millennials to break up or divorce. One in 10 relationships overall also had such outcomes.

The study also noted that the recent political climate has had more detrimental relationship impacts than such issues in the past. Political disagreements have even surpassed other common points of contention in relationships, such as finances. Even if the survey participants did not experience disagreements of this type themselves, 22 percent of individuals knew couples whose relationships had suffered due to political issues.

Politics can be an uncomfortable topic for many people, and when disagreements affect a marriage, individuals may feel that they are no longer on the same page. As a result, some Kentucky residents could end up in a high asset divorce. If so, concerned parties may wish to gain more information on their legal options for addressing their cases and handling issues specific to their circumstances.

Source: Fox Business, “Married Couples Splitting Over Trump, Study Says“, Jade Scipioni, May 8, 2017