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Are individuals facing high asset divorce less likely to fight?

August 30, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

Money and other assets are often a main focal point of any divorce case. People typically think about fighting over the house, funds in bank accounts or other property that they feel the need to hold on to for the sake of their futures. However, would Kentucky residents believe that individuals in high asset divorce […]

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High asset divorce cases often hinge on assets, debts

August 23, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

It is not uncommon for relationships to come to an end. While the emotional impacts of divorce can be strong, the financial effects can also leave individuals reeling. Kentucky residents who are going through a high asset divorce may be especially concerned with how the outcomes of the legal proceedings will affect them. Fortunately, they […]

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Parents should think about child custody before divorce filing

August 17, 2018 in Child Custody

Someone considering ending his or her marriage has many aspects of life to think about. In particular, Kentucky parents need to think about what type of child custody arrangement could best suit the interests of their kids and the family as a whole. Custody is often one of the most contentious aspects of divorce, and thinking […]

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Talking with children may help when it comes to child custody

August 7, 2018 in Child Custody

Feeling protective over their children is the natural instinct of parents. In some cases, they may find themselves becoming overprotective. When Kentucky parents are going through divorce, child custody issues may bring out this protective instinct, but rather than trying to shield their children from what is happening, they may want to talk with their […]

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Remaining financially conscious during high asset divorce is wise

July 31, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

Having amassed a considerable amount of wealth may have many Kentucky residents wary about how they spend their money. After all, they did not reach their levels of success without being financially conscious. However, now that they face a high asset divorce, they may want to pay attention to where their money goes, and how […]

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Broaching the subject of high asset divorce may impact outcomes

July 24, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

Over the years, some individuals in Kentucky may have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth alongside their spouses. The journey may have been an enjoyable one until marital issues began to get in the way. Now, some of those parties may be looking at a high asset divorce, but do not know how to broach the […]

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Don’t let assumptions throw off outcomes of high asset divorce

July 19, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

Many people in Kentucky and elsewhere have a hard time understanding finances in a variety of areas. However, when individuals are going through a high asset divorce, understanding finances can make a considerable difference in the outcomes of the cases. Women in particular may want to try to avoid certain surprises that could affect them during […]

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Preparing for high asset divorce may help achieve goals

July 12, 2018 in High Asset Divorce

Kentucky residents may have many concerns after deciding to end their marriages. In particular, high asset divorce can be a complex endeavor, but individuals facing this type of situation can take steps to prepare before even filing for divorce. Early preparation may help prevent unnecessary issues along the way. Because cases involving a considerable amount of […]

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Man sentenced to jail due to failing to pay child support

July 4, 2018 in Child Support

Raising children is no easy or inexpensive task. When parents divorce and one parent obtains primary custody, that parent may need child support in order to make ends meet and make sure the children have what they need. Of course, some parents may not receive the payments that they should and could end up struggling nonetheless. […]

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