Amicable attitudes may help with property division proceedings

Divorce can present emotional turmoil, feelings of shock and the potential for conflict. Of course, the more conflict a case has, the longer and more difficult it may be to come to terms. For Kentucky residents who want to move through the proceedings more quickly, they may want to consider the best way to address property division and other aspects of divorce.

When one person broaches the topic of divorce, the other individual may feel completely caught off guard. As a result, he or she may face more emotional difficulties than the person who instigated the divorce, because the instigator has likely been thinking about ending the marriage for some time. If parties want to move forward with less conflict, they may want to take the time to let the other party adjust as best as possible.

Additionally, property division proceedings may go more quickly if individuals can come to agreements together. When every potential arrangement is conflicted and a court order is needed to come to final terms, it can take a great deal of time and effort. However, coming to an amicable agreement could work in the best interests of both parties.

The manner in which a divorcing couple gets along can have a major impact on how the legal proceedings move forward. Amicable situations typically work well for those involved, but understandably, many Kentucky couples may not be able to come to terms on their own. If individuals would like to explore their options for property division and how certain laws could affect their cases, they may wish to consult with knowledgeable family law attorneys.

Source:, “A Different Way to Do Divorce“, Sharon Pope, April 7, 2018