Alimony may have various impacts for Kentucky residents

Going through divorce can have many financial repercussions. Child support and alimony are among the most prominent areas in which individuals may face negotiations when it comes to creating agreements. There may be many reasons behind an individual’s desire for a certain outcome, but it is important to remember how support payments may affect the parties involved.

If a Kentucky resident is obligated to pay spousal support, there is more to understand than simply making payments. This type of support is tax deductible, and individuals should find out how their support amounts could affect their tax situations. Additionally, individuals need to keep in mind why the payments may be necessary. Individuals who were stay-at-home parents likely have no other source of income and may have more financial worries as a result; alimony could assist in relieving that burden.

For those individuals who are awarded alimony, the amount paid may be of particular interest. These support payments could be necessary in making ends meet. Some independent individuals may feel as if they are being weak by taking such support, but this support could make a considerable difference in the lives of the ex-spouse and any children involved.

Whether paying or receiving, alimony can be a touchy topic to approach, especially during a tense divorce. In many cases, individuals may wish to have their legal counsel assist in the negotiations of necessary terms. Additional information on what factors could impact alimony amounts and payments could help concerned Kentucky residents better plan for how they would like to approach their cases.

Source:, “8 Financial Tips for Men Seeking Divorce“, Jacob Maslow, Sept. 28, 2016