Age may impact changes of high asset divorce in Kentucky

Age can play a critical part in many life events. Various privileges and activities often cannot be attained until Kentucky residents reach a certain age, and some parties may choose to wait until they have turned a particular age before making some life decisions. Because age can have such an impact throughout life, it may not be surprising that age could play a role in high asset divorce cases.

The age at which parties get married could have an effect on their likelihood of divorce. If individuals get married at a particularly young age — such as during teenage years — they may have a substantial chance of getting divorced. Additionally, the chances increase again if couples marry after the age of 32.

Another age-related factor that could impact chances of divorce relates to the age gap between married individuals. Parties who are the same age reportedly face a lower likelihood of getting divorced. When couples have a considerable age difference, their chances of divorce go up substantially. For example, spouses with a 10-year gap have a 39 percent higher chance of getting divorced.

Of course, there are numerous other factors that could play a role whether a marriage comes to an end. If Kentucky residents are facing martial issues and have concerns about going through a high asset divorce, they may wish to find out what legal options could help them best address their situations. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could ensure that interested individuals gain reliable information and specific insight into their circumstances.

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