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The Graydon Family Law team is a proud part of the greater Graydon law firm. Graydon has been serving the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for over 147 years and is deeply engrained in the fabric of the region. We are known by our clients as an indispensable partner, providing exceptional service and expertise. With deep legal knowledge, and even deeper empathy, Graydon’s 75 attorneys serve clients in a variety of industries, in practically all areas of law.

At Graydon, lawyers take time to connect with their clients, as we believe that strong relationships are essential for effective legal representation. When we understand what you care about, your motivation and your goals, we can provide advice that is specifically tailored to you.

Graydon is also deeply committed to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area and is extremely excited about the transformations that are currently taking place. Our region is becoming a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as an arts and culture destination. We value the institutions and organizations that form the foundation of our community and seek to partner with those who are imagining innovative solutions to our current challenges.