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The Graydon Family Law team helps people with a wide range of family law problems, including contested and uncontested divorces and complex child custody arrangements. We offer our clients experience, expertise and empathy, along with the added support of a full service law firm.

A divorce can tear at the fabric of your family, but it should never rip it to shreds. Graydon doesn’t encourage a "scorched earth" approach to family law, but we have the experience and determination to protect our clients’ interests in court if necessary. Family law matters should be focused on protecting a stable future for the entire family — especially when children are involved. Clients and families are best served when communication is open and honest and when common goals are identified and promoted through negotiation, mediation and/or collaborative law.

Our lawyers are trained and experienced in the collaborative process, which enables participants to take control of their own case and craft their own solutions. Your family is our first priority and we are easy to find at any one of our three local offices in downtown Cincinnati, West Chester (Butler/Warren County) and northern Kentucky.