A dislike of friends could lead to high asset divorce

Having friends is an important part of life. Many Kentucky residents rely on their friends for emotional support and to have people to gather for activities. Though friends often enrich the lives of one another, trouble could brew if a husband does not like the wife’s friends. In fact, this dislike could be a precursor to high asset divorce.

It was recently reported that a study involving 174 white couples and 199 black couples indicated that white couples were more likely to get divorced if the husbands did not like their wives’ friends. The study followed these married couples for 16 years and showed that if white husbands disliked their wives’ friends in the first year, they were more likely to get divorced within 15 years. Of the 373 couples in the study, 46 percent of all couples had divorced by year 16 of the study.

Speculation as to why this dislike had an impact on the marriages included the idea that men have an easier time finding new friends than women have of finding new friends. Husbands may also begin to wonder how they could view their wives so positively when they have such a negative view of their friends. It was also noted that the suspected reason this predictor is more prevalent among white couples is that black couples focus more on family connections than those with friends.

When a dislike of friends leads to a high asset divorce, emotions can certainly run high, especially when other factors are in play. However, letting emotions get the better of them could damage Kentucky residents’ chances of reaching desirable divorce terms. Instead, parties may want to do their best to understand their particular cases, how to protect assets and other important aspects.